Gold (original)


I wrote this at the time when Lance Armstrong’s doping incidents all came to light and the subsequent many others who have been exposed. I think the song is sort of  a reflection on that, looking at the person who actually wins the gold despite knowing that they are not worthy of it.

Again a random one.

I hope you like it.

Dusting Off The Guitar

More Music

I got a bit of time to upload some new songs and other ones which I have had the chance to edit. Been a while since I have had the time to do so and it feels good to revisit songs which I haven’t listened to since I recorded them.

So here they are. Ranging from original songs (and an original song / story about the Irish Famine) and a few cover songs too.

I hope you like them.

Rumours (original song about the Irish Famine)

Last Night (acoustic cover of The Strokes song)


I’ll Meet You There One Day (original song for Palestine)


There Won’t Be Many Coming Home (Roy Orbison cover)

Hello (Adele Cover)

Rust (original)

Rivers Run Clear (original)

Junior Chills – I’ll Swim Again (original)

I have been fairly quiet on this for a long time. Haven’t posted much of anything. Decided to go back to university to study so that alone coupled with part time work and full time fatherhood I don’t really have time to bless myself 😀

But I have been still writing and playing away in the background. I had a bit of spare time this morning so thought I would rustle this one up quickly and fire it online.

Hope you like it!!


On The Lonesome Road (original album)

Junior Chills – On The Lonesome Road (original album)

With the onset of fatherhood and a return to education I haven’t had the time I once had to regularly update my WordPress page. However I have been endlessly writing new songs to keep ‘stress’ at bay. I find that writing my songs are the easiest part but finding time to record them is quite tedious. Nevertheless I got a few hours today to upload not just one song but a handful which I have put into a wee album.

The songs explore a lot of different topics well the usual ones that I explore anyway. Although I love playing all the songs I write, I particularly enjoy Daydreaming, Stress and Ireland Bound.

So check it out. Give it a listen to. Find out a song which sticks out for you and let me know. Any and all feedback is greatly received and appreciated.

Hope you enjoy it.


To Begin (the morning…)

Many times in my life I have listened to different music genres and artists. My own musical taste has developed and grown with each passing life stage. Over the years I have experienced a range of musical influences whether it be a YouTube video with two million views or a 5am conversation in the heart of Donegal with friends. It’s only natural that we become influenced by the world around us and that these influences spur us on in our own creative journey.

I can clearly remember which band influenced me to look at my old, dusty guitar with a renewed interest and to start playing after a long period of musical neglect. However no particular artist, song or album has influenced me to start writing my own music.  Each of my songs have taken on a life and journey of their own. Each song is unique and may have been influenced by a current event in the world, an everyday phrase, a passing stranger on the street or simply a feeling.  Each song has its own story to tell and I can say with absolute clarity it was the author of horror fiction, Stephen King, who influenced me to finally put pen to paper and to let my songs tell their own story.

I have a sentimental passion for music and how it has the power to resurface memories, good and bad. Maybe I lend too much weight to the songs I write and the messages which are contained within them. I suppose this is a natural proudness people exhibit when they create. I think that a listener can connect or relate to my songs in some way – but not in an obscure horoscope way where you link the song to every possible part of your life. I suppose that is why I am writing this. To let you know that the following songs and connecting life experiences are mine but which, I feel, a lot of people can relate to.

For too long I have stared at the walls in my house, singing to my university statue, endeavouring to get better but being confident with my own style. I have been told at times that I need to live in the real world…but the world of the Matrix, where you are as good as you think you are, is much more fun!

I suppose a word of caution is needed before you continue. I have never denied that singing is something which I equally dread and love. The former as I do not profess to be a singer (which you will shortly find out). This, however, is why the latter is so important. I love writing my own songs, singing my own songs and listening to my own songs. Although people have attempted to comfort me with ‘You know that they said that Bob Dylan couldn’t sing either’ I realistically understand that I wasn’t gifted with the gift of the singing gab. Nevertheless, they say that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Can musical beauty be in the ear of the beholder too? You don’t have to whole heartedly believe that this is so. If, however, this is something which you can accept then you may appreciate what is to follow.

I hope this can, at the very least, inspire the reader to pick up an abandoned instrument, put pen to paper, be brave and put the fear of embarrassment to the side and let their creative side roam free.

N.B I haven’t allocated myself a fixed amount of time to begin or end this ‘project’ if that indeed is what it is. I only know that I have a song book which has been created over the past few years which contains self-written songs…songs which touch on a multitude of different subjects and life experiences. This is not a blog about my life but rather about how I have endeavoured to write music, some of which reflect or touch on life experiences, and how this has evolved over the years.

Here is “Where Will You Sail?” (Acoustic).