Dusting Off The Guitar

More Music

I got a bit of time to upload some new songs and other ones which I have had the chance to edit. Been a while since I have had the time to do so and it feels good to revisit songs which I haven’t listened to since I recorded them.

So here they are. Ranging from original songs (and an original song / story about the Irish Famine) and a few cover songs too.

I hope you like them.

Rumours (original song about the Irish Famine)

Last Night (acoustic cover of The Strokes song)


I’ll Meet You There One Day (original song for Palestine)


There Won’t Be Many Coming Home (Roy Orbison cover)

Hello (Adele Cover)

Rust (original)

Rivers Run Clear (original)


The Diddly

The Diddly was an accident of sorts.

I suppose when you refer to something as an accident you run the risk of making it sound like a negative experience yet the opposite happened with The Diddly. Initially it was a song in its own right but we felt that the chorus was nice enough to stand alone with the addition of a riff alongside it. I think instrumental pieces are amazing as they evoke so many different images without having to use lyrics to do so…for me The Diddly (aptly named by Dev) is an ode to Ireland in a way in that it conjures up different images in my mind of Ireland. As such I put the music alongside a few clips of a recent trip to Kinsale to help set the mood for the song…well, in my mind anyway.

Hope you like it.