Original Songs

A new song called Never Been Told and an edit of my tribute to Ireland called Ireland Bound:



Dusting Off The Guitar

More Music

I got a bit of time to upload some new songs and other ones which I have had the chance to edit. Been a while since I have had the time to do so and it feels good to revisit songs which I haven’t listened to since I recorded them.

So here they are. Ranging from original songs (and an original song / story about the Irish Famine) and a few cover songs too.

I hope you like them.

Rumours (original song about the Irish Famine)

Last Night (acoustic cover of The Strokes song)


I’ll Meet You There One Day (original song for Palestine)


There Won’t Be Many Coming Home (Roy Orbison cover)

Hello (Adele Cover)

Rust (original)

Rivers Run Clear (original)

Junior Chills SoundCloud


Junior Chills SoundCloud Page

I had set up a SoundCloud page for Junior Chills a few months ago in order to register for the Battle of the Bands competition we entered. Unfortunately this fell by the wayside as I wanted to concentrate on creating our own blog page where we could upload our songs along with a blurb about the thought process behind the songs. Fortunately I have just been reminded by a very kind blogger about the power of using SoundCloud for people to hear our songs…it’s all well and good creating a wee music video to go along with the song but people may never get the chance to view it and simply want to hear the song. As such I have updated our SoundCloud page with our music and intend to upload both a YouTube and SoundCloud link to relevant posts in the future…

I think the most frustrating thing about SoundCloud is the inability to upload songs straight from the mobile app. It takes a bit more time sending the song through to my email address or saving it onto the cloud and then uploading them all via a laptop computer – it would be great if SoundCloud could sort this one out…if they’re listening!! Haha

Nevertheless it is an excellent site which hopefully will allow me to reach more listeners who may appreciate the songs which we create. Here is a few of our songs….please visit our SoundCloud page to hear more: https://soundcloud.com/junior-chills-official

Junior Chills – The Abyss


Junior Chills – Last Night (The Strokes Cover)

Junior Chills – Hello (Adele Cover)

Junior Chills – Goodbye

Junior Chills – 40 Nights (Acoustic)

Hope you like them.



Junior Chills is the collaboration of myself, Paul Devlin and Kieran Magee. As I said before, I spent the majority of my time playing the guitar to the four walls in my house but one day plucked up the courage to have a jamming session with my brother, Kieran, who had recently taken to playing the bass guitar. Quite randomly Paul was speaking to me about jamming some time, as he has been playing the electric guitar frequently, so he was invited along one evening to my house to see what we could play as a trio.

I remember that we started with me strumming chords and seeing what Kieran and Dev could jam over with. I quickly manipulated this by playing chord progressions which I had wrote for my own songs. At this stage I had wrote a few songs so we started going through ones which we thought sounded ‘good’ or, at least, pleasing to the ear.

This was the first time I ‘performed’ my own songs in front of real human beings which was pretty terrifying, despite knowing my audience very well. I think that it’s the mind-set that you are putting yourself out there and are completely vulnerable. Imagine playing the same three chords for four bars and saying to your friends ‘what did you think of that?’ Compare this with playing the above and adding in four bars of your own lyrics…the door is left wide open for someone to say ‘that song is shite’ or put it quite bluntly ‘you cant sing’. Although I tried to pass the buck to Kieran and Dev to sing the song I had put together they let me sit there with the musical door wide open but no reproaches followed.

I had the lyrics and the lead guitar chords mapped out for the song but had not considered a bass and electric guitar part. Thankfully both Kieran and Dev have a keen musical ear and were able to construct their own parts. Before long we had finished the song. It’s quite ironic that our first song together was ‘Goodbye’.

Goodbye has a lot of different messages in there for the listener. It is about someone reflecting on their life and how all the good times that they had can only be relived in their dreams. That life now is in pieces for one reason or another. The opening message is one of good advice I suppose….if you don’t look down when you are up high then you cannot see what is below you which helps to prevent you from falling. Similarly it offers advice to those who maybe come into a bit of good luck to beware of those who suddenly come out of the wood work to be your friend. A more sinister message I suppose which steps away from the one contained within ‘Coming Home Again’ is ‘Please don’t hope cos life is fast, like fool’s good it will never last’. As I have gotten older I realise how quickly the days, weeks, months and years pass by. This is a frightening realisation since when younger the summer’s seemed to last forever. Life does move very very quickly and I suppose my rational is that if you spend your life hoping for one thing or another it will be over before you know it….fuckin hell I didn’t mean this to get so deep.

Anyway here is ‘Goodbye’. The first song practiced, played and recorded by Junior Chills.