On The Lonesome Road (original album)

Junior Chills – On The Lonesome Road (original album)

With the onset of fatherhood and a return to education I haven’t had the time I once had to regularly update my WordPress page. However I have been endlessly writing new songs to keep ‘stress’ at bay. I find that writing my songs are the easiest part but finding time to record them is quite tedious. Nevertheless I got a few hours today to upload not just one song but a handful which I have put into a wee album.

The songs explore a lot of different topics well the usual ones that I explore anyway. Although I love playing all the songs I write, I particularly enjoy Daydreaming, Stress and Ireland Bound.

So check it out. Give it a listen to. Find out a song which sticks out for you and let me know. Any and all feedback is greatly received and appreciated.

Hope you enjoy it.



Junior Chills – New album

It’s been a while since I uploaded anything.

I had a few hours to spare today to put a few songs in order. Uploading it as I type this so it won’t take too long. The album is called ‘On The Lonesome Road’ and the songs are as follows:

  1. Daydreaming
  2. I’m Crashing
  3. Sheep and Wolf
  4. Lonesome Road
  5. Stress
  6. Days A Coming
  7. Ireland Bound

Hope you enjoy them. Share them about if you get the chance too 🙂

Much love.


Junior Chills – Milltown (original)


Where I come from there is a cemetery, by the same name as the song,  overlooked by the Black Mountain. This song is, I suppose, about the place…the place, down in the ground, where the dead men go.

Writing this now it actually reminds me of the scene in Life of Brian where John Cleese’ character is giving orders for the woman to be stoned only for him to be crushed by a huge block of stone…

Morbidly, this is the place where I will one day go.

Maybe they will bring back that old norseman tradition of sticking me on top of a pyre on a wooden ship…launch me out to sea…and set me on fire….

Fuck it. Norseman way all the way.



Junior Chills – Duel At Sundown (Original)

Duel at Sundown 

I suppose it sounds more ominous than it actually is which is simply a short instrumental piece to introduce a few songs which I have wrote.

I would like to think that if I was savvy with garageband I would introduce a small drum beat and maybe some form of electric guitar riff to mirror what I play on the acoustic. However I am unable to import my own songs to garageband 😦 I can only create ones afresh…so for the meantime this will have to suffice!!

I hope you like it.


Junior Chills – Christmas Town (original)

Christmas Town

I have wrote three Christmas songs, the most recent being Christmas Town. This song was wrote with no particular message in mind. It acknowledges a few Christmas songs and films but I suppose it looks at the Christmas scene as a whole. The other songs which I wrote and will put up between now and the 25th December are about a character from a Christmas story and a Christmas tragedy…

I hope you like it.


Plymouth Rock

Junior Chills – Plymouth Rock

My knowledge of American history would not be far reaching by any stretch of the imagination. A lot of what I do know ( or do not as the case may be) has been learned or influenced from fiction books and movies. Not a great basis for any historical writing…quite like referencing wikipedia in an assignment. I thought I would write this song Plymouth Rock to look at Thanksgiving from the indigenous peoples perspective.

 It’s not so much a social commentary but rather a what if kind of song.

At the end of the day it is just a song written by one who doesn’t know the ins and outs of that period of history yet it is also written by one who can empathise with the indigenous people of America…

I hope you like it.


Do The Flowers Still Grow (original)

Do the flowers still grow?

A random (and hastily) made song using the Garageband app and all its glorious range of instruments…a collection of acoustic, bass, electric, piano and drums have been squeezed into the song just to see if everything fits 😀 twas good craic making the song so I might try and record three or four more using just the app instruments. Something different anyway.

I hope you enjoy it.