Done and dusted…

Well that was quite painless… I suppose when you haven’t the tools to constantly go back and edit your creations it always be painless (yet frustrating in a way). Maybe I have rushed things…I am not quite sure. At the end of the day it was a personal goal to create “an album” of my own songs and in this I have succeeded. 

It will take a few days for things to start coming through but I am excited to see how it has all turned out and I will post (and no doubt re-post) whenever information gets sent through!!

Whenever it comes online I will provide a breakdown of each song and album name just as I have done with the rest of the songs I have wrote…I suppose the most striking thing for me is that I haven’t recorded songs which I have kept away for a rainy day (you may say my “better songs”). The majority of the songs I have recorded for the album have been wrote within the last 14 days (time off has been quite the time for reflection and creation)…i see that as an achievement in itself. Maybe, if they’re any good, the reader may appreciate them too. 

At the end of the day I will endeavour in writing original songs and, as always, entice you to come along…