‘Head of a Weasel’

An iPad created instrumental song which differs from the norm

I bought Garage Band for my iPad last year in the hope that I could semi-professionally record my own songs within the confines of my home. What I wasn’t told when I downloaded the app was that I needed an i-Rig to link my guitar to the iPad to actually begin playing and recording (unless I wanted to use the built in iPad microphone to record my guitar which wouldn’t have sounded great). As such before I was able to get my hands on this i-Rig I had time to faff about with the app and see what was what.  Before long I was using the drums, piano and guitar pre-sets to make my own instrumental song…I think my attempts to keep time in the song are pretty shit, with the whole click track fiasco it is not surprising either, but the song is what it is.

It is called Head of a Weasel. To be honest I am not 100% sure where I got the title from…maybe it is about someone who finds the head of a weasel in his Kentucky…I don’t know…give it a listen and see what you think!!




  1. The Petulant Muse · February 17, 2016

    Idk how I missed this post! I really really like this music! I am imagining the opening scene to a movie with a homicide detective driving through a city. Idk why but it sounds like the perfect track for it. (And I had decided this before I heard the siren like sound about halfway in). The video is cute too. But I have to ask as an American who doesn’t always get the slang: what does “finds the head of a weasel in his Kentucky” mean?

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  2. juniorchillsofficial · February 17, 2016

    Hahaha in the media in the UK recently there has been stories of people finding random things in their fast food. The likes of KFC and Burger King etc…only in Ireland we usually say we are going for a Kentucky rather than for a KFC…random dialects I suppose!! If only the director of True Detective came across the song 😅😅


  3. The Petulant Muse · February 18, 2016

    Oh yea! That would be the perfect show for the series opener!
    Haha. I had no idea. We say KFC. I didn’t know what “faff about” meant either but I deduced its meaning. I’m learning slang too! This is great.

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  4. Goggle Bob · February 20, 2016

    Ha! Was wondering about the Kentucky thing myself. Cool video. Seems like an introduction for a quirky horror film featuring some twisted, nerdy character with a weasel fetish. Kinda fits into that homicide detective thing.


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